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Kevin Sawyer – TSN Analyst and NHL Alumni – “Perserevance & the Life of an NHL Enforcer”

Jason Podollan sits down with Kevin Sawyer, current broadcaster for the Winnipeg Jets, and ex NHL tough guy.

Kevin Sawyer is a Canadian former National Hockey League right winger who played in the National Hockey League (NHL) with the St. Louis Blues, Boston Bruins, Phoenix Coyotes, and Mighty Ducks of Anaheim.  His road to the NHL was not typical, as he discusses how difficult it was for him to be cut from his home town Junior B hockey club at the age of 16. 

Through grit, toughness, and perseverance, Kevin slowly climbed the ranks in the eyes of the scouts, and earned every second of ice time in the NHL.

This is an amazing story about hard work and determination, and a great insight to the mind of one of the toughest guys to ever play the game. 

Kevin was not the biggest guy on the ice, but he describes his fighting style as a “tactician” of fighting.  He prides himself on being able to outsmart his opponent, opposed to out boxing them.

Over his 10 year pro career, Kevin ended up fighting NHL legends such as Tie Domi, Chris Simon, Stu Grimson, Bob Probert, Georges Laraque and many, many more. 

I hope you enjoy this episode of Up My Hockey, with Kevin Sawyer.

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Kevin Pedersen – Arizona Coyotes Western Scout – “What scouts are actually looking for in a player?”

Jason Podollan sits down with Arizona Coyotes Western Scout, Kevin Pedersen.

Kevin is in responsible for the WHL, BCHL, and the AJHL.

Kevin is in the room for the conversation at draft time with the Arizona Coyotes, and presents some incredible insight on what skills they truly value when considering selecting a player.

Some of his answers may surprise you, as he provides valuable insight into the importance of character, hard work and consistency!

I hope you enjoy this episode of Up My Hockey, with Kevin Pedersen.

Show Notes:

:37 – Kevin Pedersen Introduction

2:57 – Podcast begins

3:27 – Kevin discusses his personal career playing hockey

9:21 – Kevin discusses his first opportunity coaching

14:40 – Kevin discusses the importance of relationships in hockey and life

20:00 – Jason talks about how important it is to maintain a proper image

20:40 – Kevin talks about finding your passion

23:20 – Kevin discusses the BRICK tournament

27:15 – Kevin touches on how difficult it can be to predict future NHL players at a young age

30:18 – Kevin discusses how just because you are the best player at 10, does not mean you will be the best player at 13,14,15

31:54 – Kevin discusses Hockey B.C and his time in hockey B.C

36:30 – Kevin discusses how he knows where to look for the top prospects

37:40 – Kevin discusses the importance of consistency

39:00 – Jason touches the importance of always being prepared before stepping on the ice.

40:00 – Kevin sheds insight on how scouts value mistakes for different players

44:30 – Kevin discusses his first chance to start scouting

46:50 – Kevin shares his story about working for free, to earn his spot as a western hockey league scout

53:00 – Kevin talks about how important your character is from the perspective of a scout at any level.

54:15 – Jason mentions the importance of always having high character if you want to make the next level.

54:40 – Kevin states how scouts do call players coaches before drafting them

59:30 – Kevin quotes “how you do anything, is how you do everything”.  Attention to detail in everything.

101:30 – Kevin and Jason discuss what makes a good leader.

103:00 – Jason provides insight on how to standout to become a better athlete.

108:15 – Kevin provides his insight on what the “best path” is for hockey players to take. WHL? Or College?

113:05 – The importance of opportunity and different paths players take

117:05 – The biggest mistake players make when deciding either WHL or College

120:55 – Kevin discusses what “Character” and “Mental Toughness” mean to him

123:30 – Jason discusses how you can improve your character and mental toughness

126:25 – Jason talks about his trade from Florida to Toronto and how important mental toughness was.

129:27 – Kevin talks about the benefits to speaking to a councilor or getting professional help

131:30 – Jason discusses being proactive with your character.