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David Nemirovsky – Coaching in Russia

We have had coaches from the National Hockey League and the top Junior leagues in North America on the Up My Hockey podcast.

In this episode of Up My Hockey, we go across the pond, to get the inside story on what it is like to be a head coach in what is said to be the second best hockey league in the world, the KHL.

The KHL is Russia’s top pro hockey league, and today we talk with David Nemirovski, an Ex-NHL’er, and the current head coach for the Torpedo Nizhny Novogorod.

David played just under 100 National Hockey League games, before taking his professional career to Finland, then over to Russia.

During this interview he dives into what it is like playing and coaching in Russia, and discusses the different strategies that he implements to get the most out his players in order to maximize their potential.

I hope you enjoy this episode on Up My Hockey podcast, with David, Nemirovski.

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