Scott Nichol

Over 600 NHL games played, and Director of Player Development for the Nashville Predators.

Scott Nichol is the underdog – although he would never agree to that term because he never saw himself that way. Scott just went to work, everyday. He got the job done.

Scott Nichol

Played 600+ NHL games, and was the Director of Player Development for the Nashville Predators

Episode 15. Season 1. May.04 2020

  • About Scott Nichol

His story is one to fall in love with. At 5'8 and 175 pounds, Scott never intimidated with his size, but he would outwork anyone and he would never back down.

Scott was high scoring junior player that earned him the distinction as being the third last player drafted in the NHL draft of 1993. He fought to stay in the line-up at the AHL level. He battled through injuries. He kept showing up.

After 7 years of pro hockey and only playing in 5 NHL contests, Scott made it big and earned a spot on the Calgary Flames at the age 25. Many called him a career minor-leaguer up until that point. It was a story even Scott had a hard time believing.

Scott Nichol went on to play almost 700 NHL until he retired at 37 years old. He was a great teammate and character guy in the locker room. He knew his role, he embraced it, and he did it well. 

Scott's improbable story is wonderful to hear and motivating to listen to. Everyone has their own path and their way. It's up to the athlete to find their way.

After retirement Nichol got involved in player development and is helping young Predator prospects realize their dream of becoming NHL players, just like he did.

Learn from Scott's story and how he is helping athlete today, in this can't miss episode!