Todd Warriner

Sportsnet Broadcaster and Analyst

Todd Warriner was initially best known as an NHL player, but now many recognize him as broadcaster and analyst with Sportsnet. 

At the OHL level, Todd was a force. After a fantastic rookie campaign at 16 years old, he netted 41 goals in only 50 games for the Windsor Spitfires in his draft year. His stat line, excellent skating ability and competitive nature earned him the 4th overall selection by the Quebec Nordiques, in the 1992 entry draft. However, many thought (including Todd and his agent) that he going to go 1st. We get into that incredible story on the episode. 

Todd Warriner

Episode 34. Season 1. Sept. 20, 2020

Todd would never play a game for the Nords though as he was a piece of a blockbuster trade in 1994 that sent Mats Sundin to the Leafs in return for Wendal Clark. 

But before he got traded to the Leafs, Quebec management suggested he play with the Canadian Men’s Olympic team. It was the 1993-94 season and the Olympics were being held in Lillehamer. Todd made the choice to join the team, and he chronicles that teams rise to an Olymypic silver medal.  

Warriner went on to play for 6 NHL teams (LeafsLigthning, Coyotes, Canucks, Flyers, Predators) racking up 453 games. Todd also spent time in Europe, experiencing time in Finland, Switzerland and Germany. 

We hear some great stories in this episode, including how he got his nickname “One-touch” in his rookie year in the NHL and also some stern advice from coach Pat Burns. 

Todd had some tech problems so we had to cut this interview short, so consider it Part 1. 

Please enjoy, Todd Warriner.