Case Study: How Jason Podollan's

Character And Mindset Training Helped This Athlete Go From Midget "AA" To Junior "A" In 6 Months

Hear directly from one of Jasons private clients..

Nathan Mackie is an athlete playing major midget AAA in British Columbia Canada.  Here is his story about how working on mindset, character and following some of Jason Podollans guiding principles took his game to a new level.  Follow along and see the value from the words of Nathan, about how Jason’s program has helped him achieve goals that he has always dreamed of. 

Part 1.

Identify the Problem

Jason’s programs begin the same way.  Identifying what the problem is.  In this case, Nathan was having a difficult time building and maintaining confidence.  And everyone knows, if you lack confidence it is incredibly challenging to perform at the best of your abilities.

Find out how Jason worked on confidence with Nathan and how you can actually build your confidence through training and exercising certain parts of your mind.

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Next, I will share how we built Nathan’s confidence in our simple 3 step process and how you can teach your athlete the same!