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The ultimate hockey resource for dedicated parents
to confidently navigate the hockey journey and for aspiring players
to develop the skills necessary to succeed in sport and life.

Over a 20 year hockey career, Jason has worked with organizations in the WHL, AHL, NHL and DEL.

who is this for?

This membership is designed for parents primarily, while also providing valuable training programs for the athletes.

One element of hockey that constantly gets overlooked but can play a huge role in the success of a hockey players career, is their parents. 

However, there is no set training manual for these parents.  There are very few resources to help parents best prepare for what their athletes will have to face over their hockey careers. Some of these things include.

The list goes on and on.

To sum it up, this membership program is for YOU. That parent that wants the best for their athlete but is not always sure how to navigate such a difficult world.  A parent that would benefit from engaging with THOUSANDS of other hockey parents going through similar situations. A parent that wants to hear from individuals who have reached the peak of success in the world of hockey and that have BEEN THERE, and DONE THAT.

about the membership.

about the membership.

I firmly believe that success in hockey, or in life, is not a solo effort.

For an athlete to reach their potential it takes a passionate player, dedicated parents, great coaches, positive mentors, the right information and a lot of support. And I bring all of it to you.

Whether you are just starting out on your hockey journey, or whether you have NHL aspirations, I have you covered. I am going to show you everything I learned in my 30 years of hockey and I am going to bring the best people and ideas in the game directly to you.

Online courses, live workshops, group coaching, expert interviews, professional advising, powerful mentoring – you get it all with an Up My Hockey Membership.

This is the ultimate hockey resource for parents. Designed so parents like you, can confidently navigate the hockey journey, while your players develop the skills necessary to succeed in sport and life.

If you are a hockey family and are as passionate about the game as I am, join me and my team in the membership community.

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let's break it down.



these services are intended for the parent.

  • parent facebook community.

    The facebook community is a place for parents to learn, share, and assist each other while helping them navigate their children through the world of hockey.  Inside the group is constant training sessions, live interviews with industry experts and yes, thousands of engaged hockey parents to communicate with.

  • up my hockey podcast live.

    get front row access to one of the games hottest podcasts with some of the games biggest names! Ask questions and hear the episodes before anyone else. 1st Guest in November - Jarome Iginla!

  • exclusive expert interviews

     listen and participate while Jason brings experts (scouts, agents, recruiters, GM’s, trainers, coaches, etc.) into the Facebook group so you can better navigate the hockey landscape!

  • “championship character” training module

    Jason knows character is the foundation of success and he walks your athlete through the top 10 Character Traits all teams want in their locker room.

  • mindset scouting report

    A self-assessment tool that Jason uses to onboard all of his private clients. It helps players clearly understand areas of their mental game that require attention.

  • program and merchandise specials.

    Receive special offers, prizes and discounts when you become part of the membership community.

services for the parents.


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level 2


at level 2 you'll receive...

  • mindset master series.

    Up My Hockey’s Signature 4 week program on how to build an unstoppable mindset. Jason breaks down the essential beliefs required to become our best in  hockey and in life. Includes over 3 hours of video training, presentations, exercises, and workbooks.

  • group coaching with jason.

    Mindset Master Series includes live weekly group coaching calls directly with Jason Podollan. Learning something new can be hard, applying something new can be even harder. This is why Jason is willing to work directly with your player, so they can implement their new mindset and start playing the best hockey of their life!

  • training sessions with jason.

    Jason will release training sessions on topics related to mindset, high performance and personal development. For players and parents!

  • expert masterclasses.

    Jason brings the experts to you! Each month members will be introduced to programs or workshops by a new industry expert. ‘Increase Mental Toughness” with Shawnee Harle, “Gratitude For High Performance” with Mike Shaw, and many others!

  • coach's corner

    Jason dedicates 1 hour each week to answer YOUR questions. In this hour you can ask Jason ANYTHING about your hockey journey. You don’t have to do this alone, so don’t. Ask your questions privately or live and get them answered by someone who has been there.

for the athlete


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here's what people are saying...

Mental toughness and resiliency are traits that separate elite athletes from the rest of the pack.  The same can be said for leaders in any area of business or even parenting.  Jason has shown a passion for coaching kids and I have had the pleasure to coach with him.  The determination he showed as a player has now carried over to his coaching style.

Dave Oliver

Assistant Coach, New York rangers

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about jason.

Ex-NHL pro, Jason Podollan has seen and experienced it all – a junior star, the NHL draft, a World Junior Championship, a Stanley Cup final, training camps, the minors, trades, successes, failures, and he uses all his experience to provide a road map of what’s to come, what to avoid and how to best support the dreams of your hockey player.
A dedicated hockey parent himself, Jason also helps other parents navigate their hockey journey by providing resources, support and access to industry experts. For the first time, Podollan has combined his passion for helping players and parents into the best online resource available for hockey families today – the Up My Hockey Membership Program.


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