The Ultimate Playbook to Build an
Unstoppable Mindset


A powerful 4 week training program for committed hockey players to develop the belief system and mindset skills necessary to explore their potential and reach their ultimate goals.

transform your game.

Jason Podollan knows that developing a bulletproof mindset is the biggest opportunity for hockey players to close the gap on their competition and to separate themselves from the pack. He passionately teaches the mindset skills and techniques that got him to the NHL, and also the concepts and skills he wishes he utilized while playing! For the first time ever, an NHL player is pulling back the curtain and sharing with you, the secrets of becoming the best hockey player you can be! Learn how to reach your dreams by creating an unstoppable mindset!

- Jason Podollan - NHL player, Course Creator & Mindset Coach

course overview.


20+ Chapters of Video Content Powerful information, engaging discussions, and transformational challenges


Includes BONUS Content, lesson recaps, self-assessments and application strategies


Have access to all course materials for life from any device you choose.

lesson plan.


module 1.

Mindset 101 – The Power of Focus. Athletes who can guide their attention in the moment and stay true to their goals have an advantage. This module teaches you how.

4 Stages of Learning

By understanding the learning process athletes are better able to overcome the obstacles to skill development

Skill acquisition and mastery comes from your brain, not your muscles. Athletes learn the quickest path to mastering skills and habits

Athletes are challenged to change perspective. The reason you practice becomes more than just making the team.

The key to success for every athlete is to step into their ultimate potential. Being your best, equals no regrets, and maximum opportunity.

Jason walks athletes through the first four beliefs required to build an unstoppable mindset.

Players are introduced to the Mindset Mind Map and learn how to take powerful and positive action in any situation



module 2.

Mindset 102 – The Power of Possibility. Athletes who always believe there is more, take more powerful actions than those who don’t. Learn about a growth mindset, how to use it, and how it will help you improve faster than your competition.



module 3.

Mindset 103 – The Power of Accountability. Accountable athletes are successful athletes. Accountability is a decision to take full responsibility for your dreams. Athletes learn how to align their thoughts, words and actions, with their goals and dreams.



module 4.

Common Mindset Pitfalls – all athletes will experience adversity on the journey to their dreams. Knowing what to watch for and what to avoid prepares athletes for the unexpected.




How to become mentally tough.

New York Rangers Head Coach, David Quinn

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Lone Wolf

As a Lone Wolf, you have access to all the course materials and the ability to consume the modules at your own pace. This option is good for those who are self-motivated and know they will be accountable to taking action and making progress. 

Wolf Pack

Jason joins your team! Each month Jason leads a small pack of committed players through the content of the course. Every week you receive a 1 hour group coaching call directly with Jason and you also have access to Jason via email throughout the duration of your course! Jason supports you to keep moving forward and taking massive action! 

*Offered once a month*

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