mindset master series.

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This is an 4 week online training program designed specifically for elite hockey players to develop the critical mindset skills required to fulfill your potential and reach your ultimate goals.


There ARE 2 ways to participate

Lone Wolf

  1. As a Lone Wolf, you have access to all the course materials and the ability to consume the modules at your own pace. This option is good for those who are self-motivated and know they will be accountable to taking action and making progress. 

Wolf Pack

Join a small pack of committed players and receive weekly support calls live with JASON. Implementation is the biggest obstacle players face – questions arise and roadblocks happen. This option provides the coaching support and accountability to keep you moving forward and taking massive action! *Only offered once a month*

8 modules.

Specific weekly concepts and mindset skills to elevate your mental game and level up on the ice!

for all hockey players.

Lessons designed for all hockey players, by a hockey player. Weekly challenges and workbooks to ensure you take action putting these new tools into practice.

Course begins in..


transform your game.

Jason Podollan knows that developing a bulletproof mindset is the biggest opportunity for hockey players to close the gap on their competition and to separate themselves from the pack. He passionately teaches the mindset skills and techniques that got him to the NHL, and also the concepts and skills he wishes he utilized while playing! For the first time ever, an NHL player is pulling back the curtain and sharing with you, the secrets of becoming the best hockey player you can be! Learn how to reach your dreams by creating an unstoppable mindset!


Choose to learn solo at your own pace, or in a group environment coached by Jason!


A downloadable workbook accompanies the class with lesson recaps, mindset checklists, and challenges


Have access to all course materials for life from any device you choose.

“Mindset is the next frontier in sports."

Mike Sullivan - Head Coach of the Pittsburgh Penguins



Learn how your brain works so you can take control of it. When we gain control of the meaning, we can ultimately control our actions, and keep moving towards our goals.

Uncover the power of a growth mindset and learn how to develop a foundation of belief that effort and intention is always rewarded.

Reaching our potential means we have to develop mindset mastery in resiliency. Learn how to create a relentless identity around antifragile traits that will keep you moving forward!

The new science is undeniable – building character (not muscles) raises performance outcomes.  Better people make better hockey players, and character is NOT a fixed trait.

Your thoughts, words, and actions are telling two stories everyday – one to the world and one yourself. Understand the power of internal and external “ad campaigns”

Confidence is an essential ingredient of high performance, but it seems to play hide and seek with all athletes – sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. Learn how to grow confidence that never leaves you

Hockey players require physical courage – the courage to take a hit to make a play, to block a shot, or to stand up for a teammate. Mental courage is a new type of bravery and the essential edge for elite hockey players.

The best are skilled in the art of self-awareness. True mental toughness isn’t being emotionless, it’s about managing the emotions we have and staying in the Zone. Be the Eagle.


choose your path.

Choose which option best suits your needs

lone wolf.

$ 349
  • At your own pace
  • Full access to mindset masterclass
  • Updated monthly content
  • Lifetime mindset master class member.

wolf pack.

$ 579
  • Goals and deadlines are set
  • Full access to mindset masterclass
  • Updated monthly content
  • Lifetime membersip
  • Access to Jason for guidence and support
  • Other members to assist you on your journey