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For players to master their mindset, and step into their greatness.
For parents to connect, support and better navigate their hockey journey

This group is designed to be the ultimate hockey resource for dedicated parents to help navigate the journey of their aspiring players.

about the community.

Ex-NHL pro, Jason Podollan has seen and experienced it all – a junior star, the NHL draft, a World Junior Championship, A Stanley Cup final, training camps, the minors, trades, successes, failures, and he uses his experience to provide a road map of what’s to come, what to avoid and how to support the dreams of your hockey player. 

Podollan firmly believes the mindset of today’s athletes is an essential tool for greatness. An unstoppable mindset is the biggest competitive advantage available to your player, and members receive training and coaching from Jason on the mental side of the game.

Jason also uses his extensive network of hockey experts and high performance specialists to educate members on everything they need to know about how maximize your chances of success on the journey to higher levels.

Hockey can be tough and being a hockey parent can be overwhelming. Let Jason and his team arm you and your athletes with all the tools and information you need to make educated choices and support your athlete to be their best – both on the ice and in life!

Join other like-minded families with similar goals and dreams. Share stories, experiences and opinions on different matters in the hockey world today!

let's break it down.

about me.

I’m Jason Podollan. Former NHL pro, and 31st overall draft pick who played for Team Canada. I currently lead the top online hockey community.

And now I’m sharing WITH YOU all of my hockey secrets and all of my tips, tricks, and strategies on how to be the best hockey player/parent, and what I wish I had known that would’ve taken my career from 50 games in the NHL to 1000.

junior level.

These services are included in ALL levels. Designed for parents and kids of ANY age.

parent facebook community.

The facebook community is a place for parents to learn, share, and assist each other while helping them navigate their children through the world of hockey.  Inside the group is constant training sessions, live interviews with industry experts and yes, thousands of engaged hockey parents to communicate with.

up my hockey podcast live.

Gain front row access to some of the games biggest names! Ask questions and hear the episodes before anyone else.

exclusive expert interviews.

Listen and participate while Jason brings experts (scouts, agents, recruiters, GM’s, trainers, coaches, etc.) into the Facebook group so you can better navigate the hockey landscape!

enrollment in up my hockey’s “championship character” training module.

Jason has put together a program designed to not only propel your kids in hockey, but also in life.  One of the core foundations to success, is CHARACTER.

access to up my hockey’s mindset scouting report .

A self-assessment tool that Jason uses to onboard all of his private clients. It helps players clearly understand areas of their mental game that require attention.

discounted up my hockey merchandise.

Receive special offers, prizes and discounts when you are a part of the up my hockey community.

pro level.

These services are in addition to the Junior level services.

mindset master series.

Up My Hockey’s benchmark 4 week program on how to build an unstoppable mindset. Jason breaks down the essential beliefs required to become our best in  hockey and in life. Includes video training, presentations, exercises, and workbooks.

group coaching with jason.

Mindset Master Series includes live weekly group coaching calls directly with Jason Podollan. Learning something new can be hard, applying something new can be even harder. This is why Jason is willing to work directly with your player, so

monthly training sessions.

Jason will release a new training each month on topics related to mindset, high performance and personal development. For players and parents!

masterclasses & coaching with industry experts.

Jason brings the experts to you! Each month members will be introduced to a new topic by a new expert – mental toughness, visualization, nutrition, off-ice training, skill programs, etc

consulting corner.

Info about the consulting corner.

  • at level 3 you work with Jason

    1 on 1 client

    Become one of Jason’s Exclusive 1 on 1 clients - Jason only works privately with a handful of dedicated hockey players. Jason will teach, coach and mentor your athlete to step into their greatness and realize their potential. Jason will become their secret weapon.

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