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Matt Kiger

“Starting from day 5 of the program, was probably a 50% improvement from his willingness to get up and go”

Matt Kiger

It will change your player for the better. As a person and a player. If they have low confidence and esteem, it will crack that shell and get them out there to try.”

Melissa Mertinet

“On the ice he’s confident. It is the off-ice communication that he has always struggled with…”

Ezekial Family

“We all use the training. Your mindset training helped the entire family. I was going to my bluehead everyday, and those reminders helped us in hockey and in life.”

Jason Blackstock

“I’ve done a lot of personal growth stuff with my wife. And this ranks right up there with the best I have heard.”

Mike Edgehouse

“I would recommend it to hockey players, and not just for the sport of hockey. I have noticed my kid applies the principles in multiple aspects of life”.

Wendy Winder

“It is nice for my son to have an external accountability person. That  little extra motivation to keep him accountable”.

Kim Cox

“My son said, mom, it’s the gratefulness. Before, he would have sat in his head, and stewed in it. Now, he opens up and thinks about how to overcome it”

Devon Group Call

“The thing I have noticed that is cool to see, is being self aware. For example, I was scared during the drill to mess up. But I stopped in between the drill, thought about your lessons and was way better after.”