High Performance
Mindset Coach

what is mindset?

An individual’s set of beliefs that are foundational to how they experience the world and how they choose to interact within it.

mindset coach.

To Jason, a Mindset Coach is someone who supports an athlete to align their beliefs and actions with their goals and dreams. 

A Mindset Coach is an ideal high performance solution for players with big aspirations. It is unrealistic to expect a team coach to have both the knowledge and time required to provide the individualized support for every member of his team. Sports Psychologists, although valuable and relevant, are not an appropriate step for many players. Parents, although well-intentioned, often lack the expertise and perspective required to be effective.

4 in 1.

Mindset Coach – dedicated to rewiring and/or optimizing an individual’s mindset, allowing them to be the very best version of themselves and to unlock their full potential. This modality of coaching is primarily question based, allowing the client to gain greater self-awareness and clarity, resulting in authentic solutions with intrinsic value. Attention may be focused on navigating current circumstances or building a stronger foundation to thrive in the future. This is NOT THERAPY.


Teacher – often Jason will introduce clients to new concepts, guide practice, observe practice or give performance feedback. This service is appropriate when someone has a skill or knowledge gap in the realm of mindset – think visualization, goal setting, growth mindset, emotional intelligence, preparation, confidence, accountability, etc. 


Mentor – there is value in learning from those who came before you. As a former top prospect who understands the pressures and expectations of playing in the NHL, Jason jokes he has a Master’s Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Jason’s authentic personality and years of experience in the game makes him relatable, approachable and understanding. 


Consultant – players have questions. They need someone to talk to and collaborate with. They need someone they can trust that is going to tell them the truth – whether it’s hard to hear or not. There are always circumstances that arise in a season where a player needs support. Jason’s personal experience and hockey network are extensive –  both are valuable assets for clients and parents.

your potential.

Wanting to be our best is one thing. Deciding to be our best is another. When we decide to be our best, the conversation changes. Instead of asking “How?”, we start asking “Who?” 


Who can support my dream and help me fulfill my potential?