Jason's Philosophy


At my core, I believe we are here to continually evolve into greater versions of ourselves: physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

a letter from jason.

If we take powerful, decisive action today, we wake up a better version of ourselves tomorrow. When we commit to this foundational principle, we grow to be curious learners and beacons of accountability. We strive to reach our personal potential because we identify with it as our responsibility or purpose.


My core belief aligns perfectly with my passion for supporting hockey players to be their best. Hockey becomes the vehicle for men and women to explore their capacity for greatness. Being our best on the ice goes far beyond the precision of our edge work, the quickness of our shot, or how much we can squat. 


Often the biggest obstacle between latent potential and our greatness is our mindset.

The immense power of our minds has been recently proven through science and anecdotally for decades, if not millenia. How we decide to think has tremendous influence on the quality of our performance.  


Every athlete has their own path in the game. Their own set of strengths and short-comings, and each player will encounter their own adversities, challenges and triumphs. Every athlete is unique, but at some point they all have to answer the same question – do I want to be great?


Make no mistake, greatness is a decision.

Being our best is an immaculate cumulation of our thoughts, words and actions being aligned with our goals and dreams. It requires clarity, accountability, planning, challenge, and commitment. The road to our own personal potential is not a solo journey. 

I believe passionately in two things – mindset and coaching. Mindset concepts, tools and practices are pivotal to success on the ice and also paramount to success as a human being. Consistent access to a trusted advisor, teacher, mentor and coach with one purpose – for you to be your best – is a powerful resource.  Both are absolute game changers for many athletes.

My journey to the NHL taught me many things and one thing I know to be true: Get your mind right, and you get your game right!

My goal is for my clients to not only become better hockey players, but become more well-equipped, higher functioning and mentally tough people. The skills they cultivate and master are transferable to all aspects of life. 

Play hard!