Elite Mindset Skills for Serious Players To Take Your Training and Your Game to New Levels

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What if you had a secret weapon that would reprogram your mindset, ignite your passion, and give you an advantage over the competition?

 A mindset program like this has NEVER existed before. Designed by an NHL’er, and coached by an NHL’er, exclusively for hockey players who have big dreams!



client spotlight


It was a completely different training routine [this summer],” Dubinsky said. “I focused a lot more on the mental side of it rather than the physical side of it, as I was always a guy who came in shape. I wanted to come in with a good mindset and I feel better on the ice. My mindset is a lot better and it’s been paying off.

Here are 3 TOTALLY NOT TRUE PERCEPTIONS I have been hearing lately

perception 1

Mindset is like talent - either have it or you don’t

This is 100% UNTRUE! Mindset is a SKILL. Just like skating or shooting, your mindset is something you can train, develop, improve and master!

perception 2

You can only practice your hockey mindset when you are playing hockey.

This is 100% UNTRUE! The best place to start learning and applying mindset strategies is AWAY from the arena.

perception 3

Mindset is the same as visualization

This is 100% UNTRUE! Visualization is one of MANY mindset tools. Mindset helps you manage adversity, embrace mistakes, stay focused, manage emotions, capitalize on training opportunities, build confidence, establish elite standards, and many more!

Ready to do things differently?

MOST players focus ONLY on their physical development. They shoot pucks, lift weights and do track work. BUT the top professionals know that your PEAK POTENTIAL is much more than physicalPeak potential is also about MINDSET! 


How much more? That’s to be debated, but I would suggest the mental part of the game is at least 50% of the equation!


So if MINDSET is at least 50% of reaching your potential, why do most players spend 0% of their time developing it? 


This is the competitive edge players are looking for!

a message from coach pods

My name is Jason Podollan and I help hockey players exceed expectations, without more ice time or physical training, by developing the mindset required to confidently pursue and capture their audacious goals. Most parents, players (even coaches!) don’t know what a high-performance mindset is, how to train it or how it will benefit them. That’s why I created this 4-week guided program, so hockey players everywhere can gain the information and support they need to elevate their game.

here's what parents are saying

Hi Jason! Just wanted to let you know our son is over half way through your peak potential course and hes absolutely loving it. I actually can’t believe how much he’s into it lol. I’ve been following along with him whenever I can and I have to say how impressed I am with the ideas and strategies you are teaching and also what a fantastic communicator you are! You are definitely helping these players develop the mental/emotional skills to reach the next level. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work! Cheers.

John Almen

Athlete – Corban, 14

I would recommend it honestly to hockey players, but not just for the sport of hockey. What I have seen for my kid is that he applies the principles that he has learned in the modules that you have set up not just in the sport, but to multiple aspects of his life. Both at home, with his friends, dealing with me, dealing with his little brother, in multiple aspects. He has shown the skills that were shown to him and that he learned in those modules not just on the ice, but in life as well. And that to me is the most valuable part of this mindset training. To see him do that.

Mike Edgehouse

Athlete – Luke, 12

If you look at the fact that a sports psychologist for 1 hour costs about $250, what I appreciate about the course is it’s 4 weeks. The course has things you can print off and work on, and it is something that you can work on whenever you want, so it is has an easier to apply aspect to it. And then there were phone calls as well. So, comparing that to two sessions with a sports psychologist, I think there is a lot of value.


Athlete – Devon, 15




RECALIBRATE  – Where our focus goes, energy flows. Players recalibrate on what, where, and how to focus.

Master of Meaning – When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Align events, thoughts, emotions and actions with your goals and dreams

Exponential Growth – Do things that others won’t, to get results that others don’t.
Personalized Mindset Gameplan to crush obstacles, maximize training, and develop faster than others.

Jason helped me develop the tools to grow my confidence in my ability to make plays and not fear making mistakes. I have become a more dominant player.
Nathan Mackie
Junior "A" Player​ Salmon Arm Silverbacks
From Midget "AA" to Junior "A" in 6 Months

here's how the course works

The Peak Potential Hockey Project is 4 weeks long and each week covers a different mindset theme. Lessons are released online each day (Monday to Friday), and daily lessons never exceed 20 minutes in length. The format is designed specifically to keep athletes engaged and allows them the space to apply what they have learned. At the end of each week Coach Pods hosts a live call with the players to celebrate wins, find solutions to adversity, and ensure accountability.

week 1
mental agility

✔️ Precision thought strategies weaponizing your mindset to capitalize on adversity and eliminate slumps 

✔️ How to leave primal thinking on the bench and harness powerful mental states for games, practice and training sessions

✔️ Rewire house league thought patterns to get all-star results

✔️ Use Jason’s “MINDmap” to discover the path to faster, more consistent results.

week 2
10X your development

✔️ Collapse developmental time frames and breakaway from the pack

✔️ Self-Assessment Crash Course to provide absolute clarity on who you need to become to get where you want to go

✔️ Peak Potential Process – Build your unique process to conquer your goals

✔️ Strength and Weakness Builder Challenge to prepare you for the next level!

week 3
becoming bulletproof

✔️ Explosive growth mindset strategies specifically for hockey players to create unshakable confidence and master mistakes

✔️ Conquer FOPO (fear of other’s opinions) and take decisive action toward your next level

✔️ Erase limiting beliefs and reinstall empowering ones

✔️ Learn the Consistent Confidence Formula to avoid slumps, inconsistent play, and emotional lows

week 4
extreme ownership

✔️ NHL secrets on how to professionally CONTROL the CONTROLLABLES that your competition isn’t thinking about

✔️  Master What Matters and take control of your hockey future

✔️ Evaluate and establish personal standards that align with your goals that were previously holding you back

✔️ Habit Formation Matrix to maximize time, and release indecision.

That’s Not All!!!



mindset Scouting Report

Receive access to my powerful self assessment tool which I previously only gave to my private clients! Find out where you rank on 8 critical areas of Hockey Mindset, and use your results to help build a rock solid foundation.


Podollan’s 5 Pillars of Unshakable Hockey Confidence

“I want less confidence,” said NO HOCKEY PLAYER EVER. There are 5 pillars to establish unshakable confidence on the ice and players can never name all 5. Which of the 5 Podollan Pillars are secrets to you? Which pillar could make the difference for you this season? Find out when you join the program!

what you get

$797 CAD

4 week program

pay upfront or in three separate payments

✔️ 4 Week online Program – 5 Modules ; 65+ Videos & 25 Downloads + Assignments

✔️ 4 Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Jason!

✔️ FB Messenger Accountability & Support

✔️ Mindset Savage Certificate

✔️ Bonus #1 – Mindset Scouting Report

✔️ Bonus #2 – The 5 Pillars of Hockey Confidence

Mental toughness and resiliency are traits that separate elite athletes from the rest of the pack.  The same can be said for leaders in any area of business or even parenting.  Jason has shown a passion for coaching kids and I have had the pleasure to coach with him.  The determination he showed as a player has now carried over to his coaching style.

Dave Oliver

Assistant Coach, New York rangers

The Peak Potential Hockey Project

Elite Mindset Skills for Serious Players To Take Your Training and Your Game to New Levels

1 NHL Mindset Coach

4 weeks of Game-Changing Mindset Techniques

4 Coaches Corner LIVE Accountability sessions with Jason 

This course will change your hockey destiny forever!

Hey! I’m Your Coach

I believe every hockey player should have HUGE DREAMS and I want you to achieve yours, just like I achieved mine. On my journey to play in the NHL, I learned a lot of lessons along the way and now I want to share them with you! My mindset was one of the reasons that allowed me to make the NHL when others didn’t. But my mindset was also what held me back from making all my dreams come true.


It takes MUCH MORE than talent and hard work to make your dreams come true. I know that now. I know it takes a mentor and coach who cares about you and invests their time and energy into bringing out the best in you. It also takes a bulletproof mindset to see opportunity in the face of the biggest setbacks, to apply laser focus to your development, and to stay accountable to your dreams over the long term! 

I know these skills are essential to reach your potential and live your dreams. I will be your guide, your mentor and your coach over the next 4 weeks to give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Over a 20 year hockey career, Jason has worked with organizations in the WHL, AHL, NHL and DEL.

what are people saying?


Most frequent questions and answers

Each week is dedicated to a Mindset Theme and content is released daily, Monday to Friday and accessed online. Each day’s content is 20 minutes or less because Coach Jason knows this is the best method for engagement, retention, and application.  The program also includes challenges and assignments.

The online platform allows Coach Jason to track player progress inside the program. The program design (new daily content and 20-minute time commitment) encourages positive habit formation and player engagement, but Coach Jason is always there to give the athletes any reminders or accountability checks they may need. 

Coach Jason wants everyone in the course to have the best chance at success, so he makes himself available via FB Messenger. Ask your question anytime, day or night, and Coach Jason will respond within 12 hours.

This program has been successfully completed by players aged 10 to 19. All players are different, but the U15 age group has seen amazing engagement and results. U13 and U18 are also great age groups for engagement, application and results.