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A LIVE and FREE introductory mindset program presented exclusively for members of the Up My Hockey Parent Group. Content best suited for competitive hockey players 13+ and their parents. 


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What Will You Learn?


Many people still think success is the product of hard work and talent. This old school thinking is wrong. Learn the new equation that changes everything.


What exactly is "mindset" and how does it work? Find out why mindset is the MOST IMPORTANT skill you can be working on right now


The majority of players develop their mindset by accident.  Learn how to optimize adversity and CREATE a powerful mindset when Jason shows you his Mindmap.

What Are People Saying?

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What does a current NHL coach have to say about Jason?

“Jason was an elite skater with good vision, skill and always played the game the right way.   I respect the perseverance and determination that Jason showed after becoming a first-round draft pick.  He had to deal with the high expectations that came his way.  He played for Canada in the World Jr Championship before getting his crack at playing in the NHL.  When things didn’t go the way he had envisioned, he still battled for every NHL game that he could get. All these up and downs are really tough to manage as an athlete, they can really take a toll mentally and physically throughout a career.  These experiences provide a very unique understanding of dealing with the high of highs and low of lows and everything in between.  The knowledge of these experiences is invaluable to current athletes and the young kids growing up playing any sport. Jason has shown a passion for coaching young kids and I have had the pleasure to coach with him. The determination he showed as a player has now carried over to his coaching style. “

David Oliver,

Assistant Coach,

New York Rangers