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character is a skill


Character is a skill! Just like your skating, or your shot, character is a hockey skill you can develop. Character training is your secret weapon! 

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Ex-NHL pro, Jason Podollan has seen and experienced it all – a junior star, the NHL draft, a World Junior Championship, a Stanley Cup final, training camps, the minors, trades, successes, failures, and he uses all his experience to provide a road map of what’s to come, what to avoid and how to best support the dreams of your hockey player.

- Jason Podollan with the Toronto Maple Leafs

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By the end of this program you will understand why elite hockey character is essential to reaching your dreams. You will know what traits coaches and teams find most important and why. You will know your strengths and weaknesses. AND you will have a plan for how to improve and grow. This course will provide you with every opportunity to step into your personal greatness!

"Character is how committed are you to winning."

David Quinn - Head Coach of the New York Rangers



Character isn’t a new thing – everyone knows a “character player” is something all coaches want. But what does character mean and why is it so important?

Dave talks about the “voice” he heard inside himself. What type of things does your voice say to you when the going gets tough? Use Dave’s story as motivation to stay strong and keep going next time you feel tested.

The new science is undeniable – building character (not muscles) raises performance outcomes.  Better people make better hockey players, and character is NOT a fixed trait.

Asst. GM of the Tampa Bay Lightning shares two surprise character indicators he looks for in players, and one is huge red flag

 athletes with solid character can run into roadblocks with the wrong reputation. Understand the difference between them and how to manage both


Jason shares his top traits essential to reach your potential, get noticed by scouts, be wanted by coaches, be loved by your teammates and have a long rewarding career

Self-awareness is a term you will often hear when you work with Jason. A self-aware athlete is a powerful athlete because they are armed with the knowledge to make progress!

Hal Gill shares a story from his time with the Penguins and Sidney Crosby that shows us why Crosby is so great and the why the Penguins won the Cup

Jason knows information requires application to be effective. Here players are exposed to the Strength and Weakness Builder and take an active role in their development

Arizona Coyotes scout describes how you can stand out as a hockey player (without scoring goals) and catch the attention of evaluators!

Bonus supplemental videos, quizzes, and valuable discussion topics for coaches, players and parents!


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character is the foundation to success.

Championship Hockey Character

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